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About me

Picture by Fabien Prauss (www.prauss.fr), Point Mugu, California, November 2018

Try to not put me into a box. I don’t even manage to do that 🙂 I am an innovation consultant. A communications expert. A former journalist. A football fan. A music afficionado. And a part-time travel blogger. Amongst others.

My name is Bas Timmers. Born in 1972 in the Netherlands. I love to write. I love to play around with my camera, though I am absolutely not good at it and really need some proper education 🙂 And I have been bitten by the travel bug. The big trips until now were Mexico & Central America (January-April 2019) and Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia (September 2020-January 2021).

I try to bring all of these things together in a more or less organized life. The biggest part of it I still spend in Berlin, Germany, working mostly freelance for communication agencies. But whenever I can I travel, and when that is in Latin America you can read about it on this blog. Because that is where my love for writing, photographing, travelling and technology really come together.

In the near future I would love to expand the time I spend on travel and start to work more location-independently. So if you would like to work with me as a company (on this blog, or with me as an innovation and communication professional) don’t hesitate to reach out.

Check my website to read more about my professional and private life.

Read more about this blog and my love for travelling.

Oh, and if you want to work with me, or you have any feedback, questions, complaints or brilliant brainwaves, never hesitate to contact me. I don’t bite like a mosquito!

Travel love, Bas